Redirecting problematic behaviours into gainful employment through sport

Who I am?

Originally from Northamptonshire. Currently based in East London

My support crew consists of 4 dogs, of a variety of breeds that keep me passionate

Reviews and references available at request!

Highly qualified professional with over 10 years experience in multiple disciplines

Master trainer with the guild of dog trainers among other valued certifications and diplomas

Pro dog qualified trainer with Absolute dogs™

Member of Professional Dog Businesses UK

Continued professional development in canine conditioning and assistance dog training

Specialising in dogs with behavioural issues (agression, fear, etcetera)

Agility trainer, canicross instructor

Mantrailing instructor, scent work and assistance dog training

What I do?

These are all the currently available courses. I also offer online training!

Preferably around East London, but other London locations can be considered. I can also offer online training too!

Travel fees: Free for 20 minutes from Mile End tube station, £30.00 for 20 to 45 minutes and POA for above 45 minutes

1-1 coaching

- Gundog training
- Obedience training
- Games training
- City life training
- Trick training
- Fitness training

1-1 behavioural session

- Dog on dog aggression
- Dog on people aggression
- Fear aggression
- Resource guarding

Assistance dog training

- Training on public transport (buses, tubes, trains, taxis, etc)
- Training on public places (supermarkets, pubs, clubs, museums, etc)
- Task work such as find an exit, take off socks, alert to the door bell or knock at the door, get washing out of the washing machine, pick up dropped items, find items, fetch medications etc.

1-1 puppy training

- Socialisation
- Manners around the home
- Bite inhibition and chewing advice
- Crate training
- Boundary training
- "It's none of your business" training
- Loose lead, recall, handler focus


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